About Us

Chris Scalisi started his career as an apprentice electrician. After completing his apprenticeship, he spent twelve years as a journeyman wireman traveling from one major project to another. During the spring of 2004, a shortage of manpower sparked Chris to temporarily move from operations to safety. He found he enjoyed helping to protect people and migitage risk, and the temporary move became permanent.

In 2006, Chris founded Scalisi Enterprises LLC after recognizing a need for increased standardization, technology and decision making based on acceptable and non-acceptable risk. He named the company after himself to demonstrate his personal commitment to effectively and efficiently service his clients.

Chris has performed at the corporate level for electrical, industrial and maritime organizations for the majority of his career. While working full time and raising a family, Chris completed his master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety and earned a number of credentials including Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM), Registered Environmental Manager, and Certified Occupational Safety Specialists (COSS).

Scalisi Enterprises provides professional support personnel that can assist with your specific needs in the ever-changing world of compliance.

We believe standards, procedures, guidance documents and policies should be written in a way that ensures that the task is understood. Scalisi Enterprises has extensive experience in writing complete safety management systems as well as individual customer-specific literature.

Let Scalisi Enterprises assist you in developing a proactive safety culture based on systems that help you to communicate effectively throughout your organization. We strive to reduce loss and inefficiency by cultivating a culture of learning and continual improvement.